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Become a Payment Agent on Mola

Expand your income base gaining additional clients, business exposure, and earning more income when you sign up as a payment agent on Mola.

Be part of an established and growing crypto market

Complete transactions for hundreds of crypto traders on our platform looking for ways to fund their Naira wallets through Local banks, M-PESA, Mobile money, Wires, and e-Payment methods. As a payment agent, you are an independent exchanger. You can:

Select Country

Choose which countries to service, and promote your services your way.


Determine your commission per deposit and withdrawal, subject to our thresholds.

Unlimited Transactions

Complete unlimited deposits and withdrawals for Mola traders per day.

Community Manager

Securely close your payment agent's account at any time you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Mola Payment Agent is a partnership system where a payment agent is verified and authorized to process deposits and withdrawals for Mola traders.

Many of our traders are looking for ways to fund their accounts using payment methods that are not directly available on in their countries. As a payment agent, you'll be able to help them fund their accounts while charging a fixed commission per transaction.

Signing up as a agent is completely free.

All agents get to determine your commission per transaction, using our thresholds.

No, payment agents involved will be banned immediately from our platform.

No. Payment agents operate as independent exchanges and are not affiliates or employees of Mola.